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Requesting an Annulment

When you request an annulment, that means you are asking the court to declare your marriage as being not legally valid. If granted, it will be like your marriage never happened. Some people may wish to put their marriage behind them, but in most cases, they will need to file for a divorce. There are only certain cases in which a marriage can be annulled. However, navigating the legal system to make it happen can be quite complex. Fortunately, attorney Olga A. Koplik can help by explaining your options and assisting you during this difficult time.


Grounds For Requesting an Annulment in California:

  • The couple is related by blood

  • Either person was of unsound mind

  • Either party entered into the marriage as a result of fraud

  • One person is physically incapacitated and unable to consummate the marriage

  • Either person is under 18 at the time of marriage

  • One person forced the other into getting married. In other words, the marriaged was accomplished by duress

  • Prior existing marriage


What You Need To Know About Getting an Annulment in California

Although getting an annulment may seem like the best option for those dealing with a difficult, and unhappy situation, it’s not always as simple as you may think. Here are just a few of the things that you should be aware of if you’re considering filing for an annulment in California.

Child Custody

If you have children that were born during a marriage and then your marriage was annulled, technically the courts will view your children as being born to single parents. If that happens, you will not only have to deal with child support, visitation rights, and custody, but the father will have to first establish paternity.

Division of Property

Another complication of annulment in California is that once your marriage is viewed as never having been valid, there is no longer an estate that needs to be divided. The same is true for alimony, or spousal support. With no marriage, there are no spouses, and therefore neither party will be entitled to payment.

Statute of Limitations

There are strict rules that outline how long you have to file an annulment in California. Once you reach the predetermined deadline or statute of limitations, you can no longer file for an annulment. As an added complexity, there are different statutes of limitations depending on your reason for filing. This is another reason why it’s important to seek guidance from a family law attorney who can help you navigate the complicated legal system.

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