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Your children are not like property and other assets that can easily be divided during a legal separation or divorce. Naturally, you want to ensure that the custody and support orders handed down by the courts preserve your parental rights while keeping your children’s best interests in mind.

Working with an experienced child support and child custody lawyer can help you create an amicable parenting plan that ensures you get as much time as possible with your children and the financial assistance needed to accommodate their needs. Contact our law office today to request help with your child custody or support matters in Sacramento or Placer County.


Custody & Support

Why Hire a Child Custody Lawyer?

  • Put you and your child’s interests first
  • Protect your legal rights as a parent
  • Preserve your relationship with your child
  • Get a custody and support order that is fair
  • Get help with court order enforcement, modification, and termination

Sacramento Child Support and Child Custody Attorney


Child Support and Custody Representation

It’s possible that one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce is working out custody and support arrangements. When it comes to dividing up property and assets, there’s an emotional attachment, but at the end of the day, they’re simply possessions. Everything that has a dollar value can ultimately be divided up fairly. With children, on the other hand, there’s simply no way to put a price tag on a birthday party or an afternoon at the park. Working with an experienced child support and child custody attorney can help ensure a fair parenting plan that places the best interests of your children first.

Experienced Sacramento Custody and Child Support Attorney

When issues regarding child custody and support come into play, there’s a high likelihood of dealing with tricky logistics partnered with heavy emotions. You need legal representation that can zealously protect your rights while also providing you with clear and level-headed advice. That’s what we do at the Law Office of Olga A. Koplik, PC. We put more than a dozen years of experience to work providing clients like you with a strong understanding of California family law, and exactly what your rights are under the law.

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