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There are many things to consider when dividing property in a divorce. For instance, you will have to differentiate between community property and separate property. You will also need to agree on the value of each. Spouses who cannot agree on what belongs to whom will likely need to let the court decide, in which case, you will likely need to have appropriate legal representation, ensuring your interest is protected.



Types of property often involved in the division of assets during a divorce:

  • Home
  • Vehicles
  • Furniture
  • Bank Accounts
  • Retirement Plans
  • Stocks
  • A business

Types of Property

California divorce laws pertain to something known as community property. To get a better understanding of what community property is, let’s take a look at both community and separate property.

Community Property

The state of California defines community property as all property that a couple acquired during marriage. A couple's community property must be divided equally if there is no written agreement requiring a different division of the property. That means even if your spouse makes more money than you and was responsible for the purchase of your home, under California law, you are entitled to half of it.

Separate Property

Property that was acquired by a spouse prior to marriage or during marriage with separate property inheritance or investments, are considered separate property and not subject to division by marital property laws. Additionally, any rent or profit generated by a separate property is also not to be considered as part of the joint marital property.

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