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There are several reasons why termination of parental rights may be appropriate. Contact a Sacramento | Placer family law office that can help answer your questions and explain your options. Call the Law Office of Olga A. Koplik.

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Situations that may warrant termination of parental rights:

  • Child abandonment

  • Neglect or Cruelty

  • Parental disability related to drugs or alcohol

  • Parent has been convicted of a felony

  • Parent declared mentally ill or disabled

  • Failure to financially support the child

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Voluntary Termination of Parental Rights

Termination of parental rights can be voluntary or involuntary, and reversal is only granted in rare circumstances. Often a parent may wish to voluntarily give up their parental rights if they feel they cannot properly care for a child. Another scenario may be where a parent chooses to surrender their child so they can be adopted by the other parent's new spouse.

Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights

In some cases, parents may involuntarily lose their parental rights if the court feels it's in the child’s best interest. Usually, these cases involve abandonment, abuse or neglect. If your rights are in the process of being terminated, a family law attorney such as Olga A. Koplik can help you navigate this incredibly painful and heartbreaking process.

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If you’re considering voluntarily giving up your parental rights or if you are currently in the process of having your rights revoked by a court of law, it’s important to discuss your situation with a Placer family law office right away. Contact attorney Olga A. Koplik to schedule an appointment today.