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5 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Divorce Attorney

As you enter into the beginning stages of your divorce, you may consider whether or not you should hire a divorce attorney to represent you. Hiring professional representation during your divorce is not only prudent, but it can also help make an emotionally charged situation more bearable. Here at the Law Office of Olga A. Koplik, we pride ourselves on providing representation that is based on experience and compassion. Continue reading to learn more about how our team can help you navigate the landscape of divorce and then contact our office to request your consultation.

Why Hire Legal Representation for Your Divorce?

Objective Advice

Getting divorced is no walk in the park, even if you are the one who initiated the process. You may feel sad, resigned, angry, scared, and betrayed all at the same time and it can be difficult for even the most level-headed person to remain objective under these circumstances. Some individuals even fall into the trap of being vindictive or aggressive towards their spouse. While this might seem satisfying in the moment, acting on emotion can be detrimental to your case. A good divorce attorney can provide you with the objective advice you need to maintain your composure during your divorce.

Knowledge of California Divorce Law

There are many complex issues that come up during a divorce. From spousal support to child custody and parenting plans, your divorce settlement includes many components that are legally binding. As such, it is critical that you have someone in your corner who is familiar with California divorce law to ensure that your settlement and any subsequent modifications are done so with full legal compliance. Young, experienced, driven, and compassionate divorce attorneys are well-versed on recent changes in the divorce laws that govern your state so you can rest assured that nothing is overlooked in your settlement.

Expeditious Filing

Getting divorced involves paperwork, from the initial Petition for Dissolution to the numerous declarations and disclosures that follow. Many of these documents are time sensitive, which means that your divorce case could be jeopardized if you fail to file them before their respective deadlines. You don’t want to leave anything to chance when it comes to spousal support and child support and while you may not have an entire paralegal staff at your disposal to ensure no forms are overlooked, a divorce attorney does. Hiring a divorce attorney can give you the peace of mind you need to feel confident that all of your important paperwork is filed properly and on time.


Protect Your Rights

Some divorce cases are more complex than others. For example, a married couple that has no children or joint assets may be able to just file for divorce on their own without hiring legal representation. However, the process is not as clear-cut for couples that have children and joint assets like houses, cars, businesses, and investments. You want to make sure that your parental and financial rights are protected when you are going through a divorce and you want to make sure that your divorce settlement contains language that will protect your rights in the future. A skilled divorce attorney can be very helpful for making sure this happens.

Serve as Your Mediator and Advocate

As you go through your divorce, you’ll have friends and family to support you. These individuals are great sounding boards, but they do not have the skills or experience needed to act as your advocate during your divorce. Our team offers compassionate legal representation for individuals who are going through a divorce and we will always advocate for your best interests. Likewise, we are happy to act as a mediator between you and your spouse and their legal counsel. You’ll never have to worry about walking into a meditation room or courtroom without the support and guidance of our team when you hire us as your divorce attorney.

Looking for a Divorce Attorney in Sacramento?

Representing yourself for your California divorce case might seem easy enough. However, enlisting the help of an experienced and qualified divorce attorney can help ensure that you receive the best possible outcome for your case. Our entire team is dedicated to streamlining your divorce process, reducing stress levels and diffusing emotional situations in order to reach a settlement that is amicable for all parties involved. We do all of this while protecting your legal rights and proposing resolutions that are in the best interest of you and your children, if you have any.

Ready to get started? Contact the Law Office of Olga A. Koplik today to request a consultation with a Sacramento divorce attorney.