How Long Does a Divorce Take in California?

How Long Does a Divorce Take in California?

Divorce is a complicated process that is made even more difficult when you consider the emotional factor between the individuals involved and the impact that it can have on a family unit. That is why it is important to understand the logistics of the process and the length of time that it may take to finalize proceedings in California. Learn more below and contact the Law Office of Olga A. Koplik for your legal separation needs today.

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In order to file for divorce in the state of California, you or your spouse need to meet certain eligibility requirements — this is a common practice across the country. For example, one party involved needs to have been a resident of the state for six months prior to the divorce proceedings. Additionally, one of you needs to have resided in the country for three months.

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Filing Paperwork

One of the tedious aspects of getting a divorce or legal separation is the actual filing of the proper legal paperwork. This is where an experienced attorney comes in hand. There are different necessary documents that need to be processed, including:

  • Proof of Service Summons

  • Petition for Dissolution

  • Summons

Ensuring that the proper documents are prepared is crucial for increasing the speed of the divorce process.

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The Waiting Period

A unique factor when it comes to the divorce process in California is that the state requires a mandatory six-month period between the time that you file your paperwork and when the legal separation will be officially carried out. The goal of this is to make sure that couples that are filing for divorce have a space of time wherein they can have the chance to mend their relationship.

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During the mandatory waiting period, you and your significant other have time to finalize the terms of your separation. The court might issue a final judgment at this time if you have both come to a full agreement on your terms, you are in active disagreement, or if one of the parties involved has not made a response for the request for a divorce. However, you will remain married for that six-month space of time.

Ensure that you have a grasp on the potentially lengthy process involved when it comes to divorce proceedings and legal separations. If you have reached a final decision in regards to your relationship, contact the best divorce and legal separation attorney in Sacramento at the Law Office of Olga A. Koplik now.