Grandparents Have Rights Too

As a grandparent, you’re an essential member of the family. In addition to providing emotional support and the wisdom gained from years of life, you also might provide significant childcare and financial services. But what happens if the parents of your grandchild get divorced? Do you have the legal right to see them? If you genuinely have a good reason to believe the parents are unfit to care for them, can you request custody? These are just a few of the questions that can be addressed by working with an experienced grandparents’ rights attorney.

Experienced Grandparents’ Rights Attorney

Ordinarily, grandparents simply cannot assert their legal rights while the parents of the grandchild are married. However, here in California, there are some circumstances in which a grandparent can take legal action to enforce their rights, including:

  • If the parents of the grandchild cannot be found
  • If the parents do not have physical custody of their child
  • If one or both parents is incarcerated
  • If the grandchild has been adopted by a step-parent
  • If the parents have psychological conditions that prevent them from safely caring for their child
  • If the parents have drug or alcohol abuse issues that render them unfit to care for their child
  • A parent teams with the grandparents to file a legal claim for visitation or custody

Contact a Sacramento Grandparents’s Rights Attorney

Since the state of California recognizes and tries to preserve the bond between you and your grandchild, you have rights, and the Law Office of Olga A. Koplik can help. With more than a dozen years of experience, we’ll help you fight to keep your grandchildren safe and preserve the bond you have. Contact a grandparent’s rights attorney online or by phone today.